Adaptive Piezoelectric energy harvesting circuit

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                   The need for a wireless electrical power supply has spurred an interest in piezoelectric energy harvesting, or the extraction of electrical energy using a vibrating piezoelectric device. Examples of applications that would benefit from such a supply are a capacitively tuned vibration absorber ,a foot-powered radio” tag and a Pico Radio .A vibrating piezoelectric device differs from a typical electrical power source in that its internal impedance is capacitive rather than inductive in nature, and that it may be driven by mechanical vibrating amplitude and frequency. While there have been previous approaches to harvesting energy generated by a piezoelectric device there has not been an attempt to develop an adaptive circuit that maximizes power transfer from the piezoelectric device. The objective of the research described herein was to develop an approach that maximizes the power transferred from a vibrating piezoelectric transducer to an electromechanical battery. The paper initially presents a simple model of piezoelectric transducer. An ac-dc rectifier is added and the model is used to determine the point of optimal power flow for the piezoelectric element. The paper then introduces an adaptive approach to achieving the optimal power flow through the use of a switch-mode dc-dc converter. This approach is similar to the so-called maximum power point trackers used to maximize power from solar cells. Finally, the paper presents experimental results that validate the technique. 

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