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Biomagnetism is a combination of two sciences; Physics and Biology.  It is the science where specifically designed magnets and their energy fields are used to affect the living system- the human body or what is called the Body electric. There are some basic physical laws that come into play with the body electric.  The body electric is the energy flow found in the human body.  This energy flow is the collective result of minute electrical currents and cellular charge values that runs the body and all its function.  Biomagnetism can change and elevate the electrical currents and charges thereby increasing the efficient of the body’s functional metabolism.
A new field of scientific research called Biomagnetism was evolved after the major discovering of magnetic field associated with the flow of electric current in the human body.  Biomagnetism deals with the study of magnetic contaminants of the body.  The science of Biomagnetism applies a technology that was originally developed for the measurement of extremely small magnetic field in physics.
In Biomagnetism, magnetism fields produced by organs or by magnetic contaminants of the body are studied.  The example of the fields  arising from iron-bearing proteins in human liver.  Magnetic particles may be found in the lungs and stomach where these are commonly introduced by environmental exposures particularly for workers in industries dealing with iron or steel. Biomagnetism is a science and should be taken seriously.  When proper protocols are followed Biomagnets can help the body heal itself of even chronic and long term conditions.
Biomagnetic Therapy finds curing in person suffering from carpal tunnel, muscle tension etc or possibly someone who needs a good nights sleep or just wants to increase his or her general vitality.
·                      Magnetic therapy has been used for over 5000 years to treat many common health issues and some that are not so common
·                     Known as Iodestones, the Chinese first used the power of this magnetic stone to help heal disease over 5000 years ago.
·                     Cleopatra used this as a beauty aid.
·                     Paraclesus, a scientific in the late 1400’s used them successfully to treat the cause of seizures and many other illnesses that at a time, had no known cures.
·                     Today Biomagnetic therapy is used worldwide to treat broken bones, conquer pain, relieve carpel tunnel, arthritics, increase vitality and help itself from even chronic disease.
The negative and positive pole techniques on the body are critical for successful Biomagnetic treatment.  When used properly, Biomagnets are safe have no known side effects.  Biomagnets help to regulate the body’s natural electrical current.  They are safe, non invasive therapy that will help your body to do what the body wants to do naturally- relative pain and heal itself.

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