Cheapest Car Tracking System

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The project includes the development of the software and hardware for a Micro controller based tracking system based on the technique “Dromography”. Here ‘dromos' means [way, street, route, corridor] + 'graphos' [to write], so Dromography is the study of geography and logistics of transportation, movement and communication routes. The digital dashboard will display the speed, distance traveled, engine temperature, mileage and fuel level of the vehicle. All the parameters are displayed in 16x1 LCD
Here the project comes under the embedded systems, which is the combination of software and hardware and perhaps some sensors, which are used to perform a specific tracing function. The project is done using Microchip’s Microcontroller PIC16F877. Micro controller programming is done using assembly language in Microchip’s integrated development environment MPLAB version 5.60
 The hardware part keeps monitoring the speed and the direction of the vehicle. The hardware sends the data to computer via serial port and track is plotted with the help of interface software. Again the hardware section can be divided in to microcontroller, input unit, output unit, and the display unit .The software section have the microcontroller coding and the user interface window programming. Using Visual Basic language the window is developed. The route is traced on this window. Some additional push buttons such as SAVE, LOAD and CLEAR are also provided to perform some useful tasks.
This project is very helpful to make a map to plot and retrace the route of a vehicle. And it also take care of displaying speed, distance, engine temperature and mileage. This is very useful method for town planning and road survey .Again these maps are also used to trace our position in the map. Being an independent gadget it works accurately with a high precision.
In this technological era many advanced tracking systems are available in market .Which are mostly based on Global Positioning System. But if anyone wants to enjoy these facilities, they have to pay a lot for the receiver and other service charges. Also there are many other limitations like geographical position of the place, satellite coverage etc, which affects the service.
Here the necessity comes to develop an efficient tracking system, with a least cost. The system should work effectively any ware, having user friendly interaction with the facility to store and load the data which are collected previously.

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