Earthquake hits Japan:::::triggers Tsunami

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Japan was hit by a massive earthquake the measured 8.9 on the Richter scale, on March 11. This was followed by a 10 meters high Tsunami wave that washed away Northern Japan. The nearest city to the epicenter is the coastal city of Honshu, 130 km (80 miles) from the quake center. Japan's capital city Tokyo is situated 373 km (231 miles) away. Take a look at some photos.

·         The resulting tsunami, with waves in excess of 10 meters in height, struck the port of Sendai and devastated a large part of North East Japan
·         This is reported to be the worst earthquake in 140 years
·         All public transport, rail, air, port and mobile services were shut down. Schools are providing shelter to stranded commuters
·         Nuclear power emergency declared. Five plants shut down. A fire broke out at Oganawa nuclear plant in NE Japan and has since been extinguished
·         The Yen dropped, Nikkei closed at a five-week low and all other world markets are trading lower than usual.
·         Honda has suspended operations at its assembly plant in Saitama, near Tokyo

·         As many as 80 buildings, many of them in Tokyo, burst into flames as a result of the quake
·         4 million households have been deprived of electricity
·         Tsunami alert along the Pacific Coast; Hawaii experiences a 4.9 magnitude quake; Taiwan, Russia, Chile still on high alert
·         Hawaii, Russia and Taiwan have evacuated people from the danger areas
·         US, Britain and India have offered to help the Japanese government. The Indian embassy has also assured that 25,000 Indians in Japan are safe
·        The official toll stands at 59; true figures are expected only once communications are restored

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